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We’re an integrative medical practice dedicated to addressing and treating the root cause of your symptoms.

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At Precision Healh MD, we create an environment that allows you to be heard and cared for with longer appointment times and a team that can relate to the issues you’re going through. Using advanced lab testing, we create a personalized plan that includes nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to make you feel like yourself again.

Our unique, multifaceted approach sets us apart from other practitioners. We offer various solutions to treat your condition, allowing you to experience TRUE health and live a life of freedom.

Our Well-Rounded Approach

Board-certified doctor with advanced training in functional medicine, nutrition, and comprehensive lab work.

To guide you, keep you on track with your nutrition goals, and help heal the body with healthy foods that work for you.

You can take advantage of the many benefits of yoga, meditation, and breath work. These methods effectively reduce the stress and inflammation that contribute to chronic health conditions.

IV Therapy can aid in getting vital nutrients and minerals to the body quickly.

I See You...
Because I Used To Be You.

You’ve been to multiple doctors and have been told your labs are normal.

But you don't feel normal.

My name is Dr. Jen.

I am an integrative GYN who specializes in hormone health. I am also a mama to four awesome kids!

As a former sufferer of PCOS and hypothyroidism, I have been on the hormone roller coaster. I have been there with the following:

Digestion Issues


Brain Fog


Even as a doctor, I was blown off by doctors who said my labs were normal. But I knew something was wrong, especially with my fertility. It had been 18 months and no baby...

Dr. Jen Headshot

Because of this, I spent countless hours diving into nutrition and mind-body medicine. I learned how the gut is connected to hormone health. And medications like the birth control pill can wreak havoc on our bodies by depleting our bodies of nutrients and masking our symptoms, but not actually treating the condition.

I found out the CAUSE of my symptoms and used that information to focus on gut health, stress reduction, and the right exercise for my body.

I was able to lose weight, clear skin, wake up rested, have more energy, and ultimately get pregnant.

Now, it’s my mission to help other women do the same: experience true health and relief from their symptoms.

If my personal story is not enough, I have a few credentials.


M.D. UC San Diego

B.S. Physiology, UC Santa Barbara

Residency, OB/GYN Duke University

Fellow, Andrew Weill Integrative Medicine

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, GI, and Hormone Course


Medical Doctor, California

Medical Doctor, Montana

Medical Doctor, Missouri

I can’t wait to show you how to restore your health and nurture your body, mind, and soul so you start to feel like yourself again.

Like the sound of that?

well woman md about jen credentials

Fun Facts About Me:

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