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Demystify good nutrition and heal your body.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be something you hate. We believe that balance, not restriction, is the key to healthy, sustainable choices. 

Healing your body with the power of food is a transformative and holistic approach to overall well-being.

Get the guidance you need with a board-certified doctor and nutritionist. 

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Heal Your Body With the Power of Food

Healing your body with the power of food is a transformative and holistic approach to overall well-being.

The concept of “Food is medicine” has ancient roots. Before we had the advancements and technology of modern medicine, all we had were the foods and herbs that came from nature. Just because we have present-day health advancements like medication and surgeries doesn’t mean we should forsake and forget the ancient simple practice of using nourishing foods for our well-being.

Nutrient-dense foods have been shown to effectively reduce inflammation, increase your immune system performance, and provide you with ample energy. Good nutrition supports the body in cellular repair and is able to minimize and even reverse symptoms of chronic illness.

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Create Lasting Changes In Your Health

"Diets" are exactly what they say they are: a diet, not a lifestyle change. 

Eating healthy, nutritious foods shouldn’t be looked at as a diet. What it really is is incorporating nourishing foods into your regular eating habits, which slowly changes your lifestyle.

The only time you feel you should “ban” an entire food group from your diet is when you have an allergy, or if that food doesn’t agree with you in some way. 

Eating in a way that optimally nourishes your body and enjoying delicious foods is not mutually exclusive.

Our physician-based approach to holistic nutrition is NOT another diet plan.

If you’re ready to make lasting, healthy changes that give you the results you’ve been looking for, let’s talk. 

Destroying Common Myths About Healthy Eating

We work with you and review your lifestyle to make sure you have the ability to make healthy meals. Whether it looks like meal prep, buying pre-cut and washed fruits and veggies, or getting groceries delivered -  there’s always a way to make your time more efficient. You will find that once you get into the swing of things, it’s often quicker and more affordable than getting takeout!

Many people believe this myth because they haven’t experienced nutrient-dense foods made in a way they enjoy. For example, a craving for french fries can often be curbed by delicious roasted veggies sprinkled with salt - satisfying the salt craving while enjoying more complex carbs that will leave you feeling fuller longer. 

By exploring different cooking methods and combining nutritious ingredients creatively, you can discover a wide range of mouthwatering and wholesome dishes that leave you feeling both nourished and satisfied. Our meal planning services as well as our nutrition coaching enable you to make meals and snacks that you enjoy - all customizable to your taste.

It’s important to understand that optimal health is a long-term goal achieved by consistency. One of the biggest killers of consistency in eating habits is an all-or-nothing mindset. 

Does this sound like you? Maybe you’ve tried a “diet” before and were doing great for a week. That is, until a family birthday party, where you indulged in foods like cake and pizza - both things that didn’t align with your diet plan. Now, you feel shame and discouraged for enjoying those foods, and quit your diet completely. Because you have an all-or-nothing approach to healthy eating habits, your progress is halted. 

But what if you could go to a party, eat the foods you enjoy, and continue to nourish your body with more nutrient-dense foods afterward? This mindset is essential to long-term health, and it’s why we must break the all-or-nothing mindset created by diet culture. 

A good mindset for better eating habits is thinking about what nourishing foods you can add to your diet, not what foods you should take away and ban forever. Restriction in dieting creates a chaotic cycle that only leads to failure. You should be able to eat the foods you enjoy that your body can handle, with a priority on the foods that truly nourish it. 

Our nutrition coaching helps you break the diet culture mindset - encouraging freedom with food with the understanding of what foods help your body in the long run.

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Nutrition Consults

Whether you are trying to improve lab results, reach a healthy weight, increase your energy, or just feel better overall, one-on-one nutrition coaching can help you achieve your goals.

1 Visit (60 minutes) $150  |  4 Visits $500

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Meal Planning

Take the stress out of healthy eating with a personalized meal plan that includes recipes and grocery lists that are customized to your food preferences and lifestyle.


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Meet Elise, A Well Woman Partner and Registered Dietician.

Life can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming.

But food doesn't have to be.

If you can't quite figure out how healthy eating fits into your life, I'm here to help. 

I'm Elise, a Registered Dietitian and food lover. I help people to stop stressing over food and finally feel good in their bodies.

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