I love the DUTCH test...You can test all hormones with one test and not multiple tests and multiple visits with your doctor. I use this test in cycling women who want to figure out which hormones are causing their symptoms.

Whether you

are curious why your breasts hurt and you are moody

want to know why you are so tired all day but can't sleep

what hormones you should use to treat your hot flashes

want to know how to cycle sync and leverage your hormones

You will find ALL the answers in this test.  It also shows you how you metabolize those hormones.


  • Progesterone & progesterone metabolites
  • Estrogen & estrogen metabolites
  • Androgens & androgen metabolites
  • Cortisol & cortisol metabolites
  • Cortisone
  • Creatinine
  • DHEA-S
  • Melatonin
  • Neurotransmitter organic acids for dopamine and norepinephrine/epinephrine
  • Nutritional organic acids for B12, B6, and glutathione

What questions can we answer with this test?

why you’re depressed or anxious

why you can’t fall asleep

why you have PMS

why do your boobs hurt

why you have brain fog

Here is a sample report. This test indicates estrogen dominance due to high estrogen but low progesterone. This explains the sore breasts, brain fog, and irregular cycles of the patient. But it also shows she has a low cortisol level, explaining her fatigue.

dutch test sample

How It Works

At Home Testing

A quick 10 minutes phone call with Dr. R to make sure the kit is what you need. The lab will bill you directly and mail it to your home. Lab results take 2-3 weeks to process.

There is the DUTCH complete and cycle mapping test

Video of your lab results will be sent to you so you can have them to reference later. 

30 minutes Virtual Visit with the doctor to discuss recommendations that may include nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements.

*Must live in MO or CA for me to make recommendations.

What Does The Package Include?

Video walk-through of your results in detail

30 Minute Phone Call to discuss your results

Written, personalized nutrition, lifestyle & supplement protocol based on your results

15% discount off supplements through our Fullscript store

How Much Is It?

$400 for a video of results and a 30-minute call where I outline nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

$300 ***If you live outside of CA or MO, you can order the test from Directlabs.com and I can make a video interpretation of the results.

I can not make specific recommendations on your medical condition. I chare $300 for the video interpretation. You can click here to book your call.

(DUTCH Lab Fee Not Included. The company will charge your card when they receive your lab kit. Their fee is around $250.)

Not sure if the DUTCH package is right for you, jump on a FREE consultation call and I can answer your questions.

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