Is It My Hormones? The link between hormones and weight


I strongly believe in the concept of FOOD AS MEDICINE. I have treated numerous patients over the years that have simply reversed their disease by changing their diet. The gut is connected to multiple body systems via the parasympathetic system through the Vagus Nerve. Read this post Vagus, not Vegas baby to learn more details. And our environment strongly influences our eating habits.Have you ever had a stressful situation and reached for a pint of ice cream? When you had a long day at work and feel exhausted do you eat processed food or do you reach for the Kale salad? I used to do just that, eat what my brain said I needed. But our hormones influenced by stress can lead us to poor eating habits. We must understand our hormones, our genes, and how to combat stress if we are to maintain a healthy weight.


Our body has a symphony of hormones that are a part of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of organs called glands that produce hormones or chemical signals. These chemical signals coordinate certain functions in the body. Hormones affect every part of the body including metabolism, mood, fertility, sleep, growth and brain development, and blood pressure. That is why having your hormones in balance is so important. What are the prominent hormones in a female body?

Estrogen is the major hormone in a women’s body. It plays an important role in physical features such as breasts, as well as the menstrual cycle and fertility. It also affects metabolism, bone health, and cholesterol regulation. Estrogen dominance or excess estrogen has been linked to breast cancer, Exercise, environmental toxins, and diet affect estrogen production.

Progesterone is the second player in a women’s body. It plays an important role in a normal menstrual cycle and fertility as well. It must be balanced with estrogen. Low levels can also indicate estrogen dominance and can be caused by high cortisol levels (hello stress). In pregnancy, it can also cause major problems such as constipation, indigestiod, and moodiness.

Testosterone is the male hormone. Although females produce this hormone it is in smaller quantities. This hormone is responsible for libido, building muscle mass, and plays a role in metabolism. In fact, exercise can stimulate the production of testosterone and may improve libido (3).

Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar. It affects fertility as well, HELLO PCOS.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. It can either work with us or against us. High levels will cause weight gain, disease development such as heart disease, and suppress your immune system. Blood sugar and blood pressure go up and you store fat for energy.

The thyroid is involved in nearly every process in your body from reproduction to mood to metabolism. Read this series of posts about underactive thyroid. Or watch my video series on Well Woman MD YT channel.

There are a lot of factors that go into losing weight. But if you treat the process as creating a sustainable lifestyle then it will last. I recommend tackling steps one at a time. DO NOT BINGE this list.

One step at a time!

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