Can our mind help us heal our body? H.A.B.I.T.S. with Dr. J

Health is not just about your physical health only, it's about wellness.
Worklife balance, boundaries, relationships. It all impacts our health especially if you have a chronic disease like hypertension or diabetes. There is a mind-body connection that needs to be addressed to heal. 

That’s why I wanted to bring in a guest expert who has knows how to help women with chronic illness feel better and live a vibrant life. 

In this episode, I interview Dr. J,  an IM & Sports Med Doc
She helps busy professional women reverse chronic illness to feel more energetic, youthful, & vibrant ??. 

We discuss: 

  • Her journey when she realized getting healthy only happens if you develop good habits.
  • How are the mind and body connected? Does our mind help us heal?
  • Her protocol is to help women with chronic diseases beat their disease.

H: Healthy Mindset and limiting beliefs
A: Affirmations
B: Belief in Greater
I: Incorporate your change
T: Transform the lives of others

  • How mind-body medicine should be a part of conventional medicine? 
  • Tips on how to change your mindset about your health.

I referenced this episode on journaling and gratitude
How to practice gratitude in 10 minutes a day

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